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American Sociological Association format is common among sociological faculty students of universities or colleges. But still, this style is popular worldwide among all students who study and work with sociology. ASA format created to indicate a quotation or excerpts of other author’s work in the text. It means that if you write a work based on the science of sociology, you should use this format to indicate the citations or references. ASA citation generator facilitates the task and lists the quotes for your work due to all requirements. This simplifies and fastens the whole process for you.

In the ASA Code of Ethics written that the ASA has an authorship credit and commitment to a full attribution. This suggests that all texts should have no plagiarism, and all quotes should be filled clearly in the specified format.

(a) In publications, presentations, teaching practice, and service, sociologists explicitly identify credit, and reference the author when they take data or material verbatim from another person’s written work, whether it is published, unpublished, or electronically available.

(b) In their publications, presentations, teaching, practice, and service, sociologists provide acknowledgment of and reference to the use of others’ work, even if the work is not quoted verbatim or paraphrased, and they do not present others’ work as their own whether it is published, unpublished, or electronically available.

How To Use Online ASA Citation Generator?

  1. Choose the type of the used source – website, book, journal article, e-resource, newspaper, interview, film, etc.
  2. In accordance with the type of the source fill the information in citation generator ASA – website page, author/creator/editor/director name, a title of the source, date published/viewed/created, place of publication, page/paragraph number, issue number (for journals), etc.
  3. Paste a citation or quote to the field of ASA citation machine and press the button “Generate Citation”.
  4. Get your citation in ASA format – you can easily copy-paste it and use for any academic work.

Why Do You Need To Use ASA Style Citation Generator?

All your academic papers should be properly framed. It does not matter whether you are a journalist, writer, sociology professor or student, if you are creating a serious work it should have a bibliography as a minimum. What else to keep in mind? As mentioned above using quotes from other sources in an essay or anywhere else, you must indicate the name of the source and its author. Your work will be approached already more seriously if you refer to the scientific research of other scientists, writers, and so on, not mentioning that it’ll have higher originality. Therefore do not need to disregard the ASA citation generator free online tool.

ASA citation machine generator

What Are ASA Format Citation Requirements?

If you put a reference right in the text you should mention the last name of the author and year of publication in a specific sequence as is presented in the example below. 


If the author’s name was already mentioned in the text:

…in another study by Duncan (1959)


Now let’s see an example.


“Lunsford, Andrea, and Lisa Ede, 1990, Singular Texts/Plural Authors:

Perspectives on Collaborative Writing. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.”



Haraway, Donna J. 1994. “A Game of Cat’s Cradle: Science Studies, Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies.” Configurations 2(1): 59-71.


Example (in the text):

Main text (New York Times 1989)

Example (in the text)

Main text (Snow, Jones, and Brown 1987)

Later: …(Snow et al. 1987)


You should mention the URL and the access data.

Example (in the text)

(ASA 2018)

Example (in the reference list)

American Sociological Association 2018. “Sociological Theory.”

Washington, DC: American Sociological Association.

Retrieved January 19, 2018

There are much more useful information and rules you can find in the official ASA book – ASA Code of Ethics. But what is the reason? ASA citation format generator was created to make life easier. So you can put more time to make a research for your work topic, instead to learn how to write a citation list. There are no arguments why you cannot use the ASA citation generator and make the bibliography in the perfect way.